AZ Kelvin’s science fiction and fantasy novels

You will be drawn in, caught up, intrigued.  You will smile with happiness.  You will shed a tear of sorrow.  You will feel lost and alone.  You will be rescued and find your way.  You will feel the love of others.  You will suffer bitter betrayal.  You will run and be hunted. You will stand and fight.  You will be there for every inch of adventure and every scrap of intrigue as the characters of AZ Kelvin’s worlds find their way through amazing tales of science fiction and fantasy.

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The Altered Moon Series

The Altered Moon Series of science fiction novels is based on the privateer adventures of star ship captain Crucible Johannson Evermore and the crew of the Altered Moon.  The story of CJ and the crew takes place centuries after humankind left the home solar system and began to explore the Milky Way Galaxy.  In the early years, the opportunities for colonization and homesteading were limitless.  One group of homesteaders found a solar system that was so rich in resources that the group became more powerful than the surrounding systems and didn’t stop there.

The Marlacuer Empire was born from blood and war, but in the rigid aftermath, a rich and prosperous civilization evolved and stabilized throughout most of the galaxy.  CJ Evermore and the crew were born centuries after the formation of the Empire into a galaxy where the Human race was alone among the stars.  That is until the crew of the Altered Moon uncovers a plot between a behemoth conglomerate company of the Empire and a yet unknown race of hostile aliens. The conspiracy kicks off an adventure taking the Altered Moon beyond the edge of the Milky Way.

Rise of the Altered Moon, Curse of the Altered Moon, and Apogee of the Altered Moon – Good things come in threes!

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The Druids of Arden

 Green Rising

Hidden deep within the boundaries of The Great Marsh behind a sacred hedge shrouded by druid magic and protected by the goddess, Na’veyja, the mystical oak tree Fairtheora imprisons the demi-god Acimasiz, a malevolent being who would see the pristine watersheds and old growth forests of Arden poisoned and destroyed.

Centuries ago, people from across Arden banded together to form The Order of Arden, guardian druids dedicated to preserving The Great Marsh and protecting the world against the escape of their ancient foe.

Yet, even the most dedicated guardians cannot stand vigilant forever.

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