Building the Altered Moon

The Altered Moon

altered moon in vortex

What an awesome ship!

Yeah, okay…i’m a little biased. Wouldn’t you be, if you had created it? I started out just messing around, wondering what the ship would look like. I tried several sketches, but I ended up not truly satisfied with any of them.

This is version 1


And this is version 2
Say howdy to version 3

Version 3 was the last image I drew by hand and scanned in. Version 4 is where I started to create the ship graphically in Photoshop.

This is how version 4 ended up

I wasn’t happy with what I was creating, but I couldn’t get my mind off the design, though. You know how sometimes you can’t get an idea out of your head? That was me, big time!

2-D just wasn’t getting it done. I wanted to climb aboard and take her for a spin just to see how she’d fly.

Hey! Why not build one?

So I did…


Yep…there she is, The Altered Moon.

A little rough, but good enough to take pictures of and load them into Photoshop.

This what she started out as:


And so it began…

The basic outline began to come into shape, but there was much more to do yet.

First – missile launchers, engine assembly, and dorsal panels.

Next the shuttle bay and dorsal fin.

I decided to change the command module to match the drawings.

And then some changes to the ventral panels and engine assembly.

And some finishing touches…

The Altered Moon takes flight!

And the finished ship with all the Photoshop trimmings.

Altered Moon
















The project was not only a ton of fun for me, but it gave me some insight on how much room the necessities of life take up, no to mention how much equipment needed to operate a ship in space.

So, now…go build your star ship. Safe travels! – AZ Kelvin