Green Rising is live!


Available in paperback and eBook on Amazon HERE!

Well, now, hello there! I hope your imagination is fully engaged and you are settled into a comfortable spot. You are about to embark upon a journey with the Druids of Arden as they travel across the countryside fighting foes to save the environment from destruction while making new friends, forgiving old ones, and even finding love.


Welcome to the first book of the Druids of Arden Series and thank you for reading. Green Rising is a fantasy fiction story about a multicultural group of people banding together to form the druidic Order of Arden and rising against the forces who would see the ancient watersheds and old growth forests of Arden poisoned and destroyed.

Here’s what beta readers have to say about Green Rising:

“Join the clans from the compass points and Grove Seven as they unite to wield both Magic and Sword against the evil Acimasiz.” – Steve Gannon

Green Rising is my kind of relaxation. I enjoyed reading it and look forward to the next book of the series.” – Louann Dresden

“AZ Kelvin’s book, Green Rising, is an excellent story. I found it hard to stop reading and could not put it down. Make sure you have time to spare before you open the book!” – Randy Healy

“Kudos to AZ Kelvin for giving us another wonderful series we can sink our teeth into.” – Laura Whitcomb

“Fun to read, well-researched story based in the time of the druids. Beautifully written. Highly Recommended.” – Gabriel Strump (author of Vreeland)

“Call it an Eco-Fantasy. Call it an Allegory of Our Times. I call it a good read and you will too.” – Rod Kroes (author of the Clayton Leonard Mysteries)


Available in paperback and eBook on Amazon HERE!