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Greetings readers and authors! Here’s the news:

When asked about the need for an editor, here’s what author AZ Kelvin had to say:

“The decision to hire an editor can be a difficult one to make for an independent author. Most indie authors think if they wrote the book then they should be able to edit with no problem. I certainly did. I wrote and published three books before I hired an editor. It was the biggest mistake I’ve made as a writer. After I researched the proper way to write and publish a book, I went in search of an editor. I vetted ten editors and ended up choosing Nikki Busch Editing to edit the second edition of Rise of the Altered Moon. What an amazing difference she made in my writing. I was both stunned and encouraged when I received her first set of corrections on my manuscript.

There were thousands of mistakes and typos!

I was so pleased with how the second edition came out after Nikki got a hold of it, I immediately hired her to edit the second and third  books of the Altered Moon Series. Thanks to her help the Altered Moon Series second editions are now a much better story set. Nikki has just completed editing my fourth book, Green Rising, and I will hire her again to edit the second book of The Druids of Arden Series, Southern Winds.

A good editor does not work for the writer, they work with the writer and Nikki does her job with excellence. If you are an indie author looking for a good editor, I recommend Nikki Busch Editing.” – AZ Kelvin

For those who need Nikki’s help, you can find her here:

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