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Welcome to the press room for AZ Kelvin, author of science fiction and fantasy with a bit of the paranormal and some murder mystery mixed in just for good measure.


Hot off the press! Green Rising!


The Druids of Arden – Book One

Green Rising

Here’s what beta readers have to say about Green Rising:

“Join the clans from the compass points and Grove Seven as they unite to wield both Magic and Sword against the evil Acimasiz.” – Steve Gannon

Green Rising is my kind of relaxation. I enjoyed reading it and look forward to the next book of the series.” – Louann Dresden

“AZ Kelvin’s book, Green Rising, is an excellent story. I found it hard to stop reading and could not put it down. Make sure you have time to spare before you open the book!” – Randy Healy

“Kudos to AZ Kelvin for giving us another wonderful series we can sink our teeth into.” – Laura Whitcomb

“Fun to read, well-researched story based in the time of the druids. Beautifully written. Highly Recommended.” – Gabriel Strump (author of Vreeland)

“Call it an Eco-Fantasy. Call it an Allegory of Our Times. I call it a good read and you will too.” – Rod Kroes (author of the Clayton Leonard Mysteries)

Available in paperback and eBook on Amazon HERE!

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The Altered Moon Series

Rise of the Altered Moon

“The story is very clever and the pacing is great. I love the plot.” – Nikki Busch

“Highly recommended from one scifi nut to another!” – Kyle Secrist

“The characters grow on you and I can’t wait to see what new troubles they’ll get into…” – Rod Kroes



Available in paperback and eBook on Amazon HERE!


Curse of the Altered Moon

“It’s Star Trek meets Indiana Jones in this second tale involving the wisecracking and motley crew of the Altered Moon.” – Rod Kroes

“The story is interesting and infused with a lot of character interaction. I think that is a good balance. The author’s enthusiasm is evident in the writing.” – Deb Scott

“CJ, Katy, Cat, Cal, GABI, and the rest of the crew of the Altered Moon embark on an out of this world adventure, but do they have what it takes to survive the journey? Highly recommended!” – Gabriel Strump

Available in paperback and eBook on Amazon HERE!


Apogee of the Altered Moon

“SPACE-TACULAR! A great finale to a great trilogy. The story takes the crew of the Altered Moon farther than they’ve gone before.” – Gabriel Strump

“Destiny and timing turn Captain CJ Evermore and the crew of the Altered Moon into heroes for humankind, so…BUCKLE UP!” – Steve Gannon




Available in paperback and eBook on Amazon HERE!

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About the author

AZ Kelvin began writing among the wooded hills of Michigan in 2011. He has published three books in the science fiction genre, Rise of the Altered Moon, Curse of the Altered Moon, and Apogee of the Altered Moon. The first book of the Druids of Arden series, Green Rising is due for release coming up in October of 2017. The second book of the series, Southern Winds, will follow in 2018, and a collection of other projects waiting in the wings.

About the editor

Nikki Busch Editing took on the task of editing Green Rising, which represents the fourth time we have worked together. A top-quality editor does not work for the writer, they work with the writer. Nikki does her job with excellence.

“It has been my pleasure to work with Nikki Busch for the last few years. I have found not only an editor to fix my mistakes, but a friend who shows true interest in my work. She is diligent to keep up-to-date with industry changes and standards, while having compassion for a writer’s story telling style. If you’re looking for an editor, you’ll find none better than Nikki Busch Editing.” – AZ Kelvin

Find Nikki here: Nikki Busch Editing


About the publisher

Lee Companies, LLC. is a Michigan based limited liability company established in 2011. Lee Companies, LLC. handles the publishing for AZ Kelvin products and also encompasses Shot On Earth Photography and Fydlstyx Designs. C.J. Lee, owner.