Station AZK News – Nov 2017

Greetings readers and authors! Here’s the news:

Get the fiction lover in your life some fuel for their imagination.

AZ Kelvin has the stories to fit your holiday gift and personal reading needs!

The Altered Moon science fiction series is taking the galaxy by storm! All three books are now available for purchase.

Rise of the Altered Moon –
“The story is very clever and the pacing is great. I love the plot.” – Nikki Busch

Curse of the Altered Moon –
“It’s Star Trek meets Indiana Jones in this second tale involving the wisecracking and motley crew of the Altered Moon.” – Rod Kroes

Apogee of the Altered Moon –
“SPACE-TACULAR! A great finale to a great trilogy. The story takes the crew of the Altered Moon farther than they’ve gone before.” – Gabriel Strump

Brand new fantasy series, The Druids of Arden, has begun! Book one is fresh off the press!

Green Rising –
“I became fast friends with the characters from The Druids of Arden. Their often dangerously enthralling exploits in Green Rising were very exciting!” – Laura Whitcomb

Press Room

Check out the new “Press Room” page added to the AZ Kelvin Website. All the critical information on books and upcoming events can be found in the Press Room.

November Featured Book: Green Rising

The first book of AZ Kelvin’s Druids of Arden fantasy series, Green Rising, is fresh off the press! Learn more about Quinlan and his fellow druids of Grove Seven on the Druid’s webpage.

Well, now, hello there! I hope your imagination is fully engaged and you are settled into a comfortable spot. You are about to embark upon a journey with the Druids of Arden as they travel across the countryside fighting foes to save the environment from destruction while making new friends, forgiving old ones, and even finding love.

Welcome to the first book of AZ Kelvin’s Druids of Arden Series and thank you for reading. Green Rising is a fantasy fiction story about a multicultural group of people banding together to form the druidic Order of Arden and rising against the forces who would see the ancient watersheds and old growth forests of Arden poisoned and destroyed.

World maps from the Druids of Arden series have been uploaded and are ready for viewing. Follow the story as Grove Seven travel the countryside of Arden.

Pick up an AZ Kelvin novel and start your adventure today!

 Happy Holidays! – Crazy AZ of Station AZK News