The Altered Moon Series

The Altered Moon Series of science fiction novels is based on the privateer adventures of star ship captain Crucible Johannson Evermore and the crew of the Altered Moon. The story of CJ and the crew takes place centuries after humankind left the home solar system and began to explore the Milky Way Galaxy. In the early years, the opportunities for colonization and homesteading were limitless. One group of homesteaders found a solar system so rich in resources the group became more powerful than the surrounding systems and the Marlacuers didn’t stop there.

The Marlacuer Empire was born from blood and war, but in the rigid aftermath, a rich and prosperous civilization evolved and stabilized throughout most of the galaxy. CJ Evermore and the crew were born centuries after the formation of the Empire into a galaxy where the Human race was alone among the stars. That is until the crew of the Altered Moon uncovers a plot between a behemoth conglomerate company of the Empire and a yet unknown race of hostile aliens. The conspiracy kicks off an adventure taking the Altered Moon beyond the edge of the Milky Way.

Book one – Rise of the Altered Moon

Rise of the Altered Moon merges science fiction with science fact in a space adventure offinal rise cover ebookintrigue and espionage that takes a small group of privateer tomb raiders to the very edge of the galaxy.

Set at the time of humankind’s first interactions with sentient alien beings, the crew of the Altered Moon find themselves caught up in an already brewing alien war.  Mutiny and betrayal leave the ship powerless and drifting toward trouble in forbidden territory.

Newly appointed and untested Captain CJ Evermore must figure out how to get his ship and crew back home before the ruthless Kang war machine descends upon an unsuspecting Human race.

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Book two – Curse of the Altered Moon

A risky treasure score deep in alien territory takes a deadly turn when curse cover 2nd ed ebookCaptain CJ Evermore and his excursion team are caught up in a massive planetary bombardment by the Kang Armada.

Pulled from the fangs of the Kang advance by the Mighty 88th Battle Group, Boss Keltzer is forced to leave his Captain and the excursion team behind, including the woman he loves, in order to save the Altered Moon and the rest of the crew from death and destruction.

CJ Evermore and the crew are back on the trail of treasure in Curse of the Altered Moon, but destiny has something different in store for them.

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Book three – Apogee of the Altered Moon

The search for a crewmate’s missing family leads the crew of the Altered Moon to a bloodthirsty clan of slavers who guard a terrible secret, while a new aquisition turns the sharp end of treasure hunting against CJ Evermore and the crew.

A mysterious artifact from ages past, holding the key to Humankind’s future and their place among the stars, takes ship and crew farther they have ever been before, beyond the edge of the Milky Way galaxy.

Apogee of the Altered Moon is a multi-faceted science fiction space adventure so packed with action, you’ll need to close the blast doors before you open the book.

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Here’s what readers have to say about the Altered Moon Series:

Rise of the Altered Moon:

“The story is very clever and the pacing is great. I love the plot.” – Nikki Busch

“Highly recommended from one sci fi nut to another.” – Kyle Secrist

Curse of the Altered Moon:

“It’s Star Trek meets Indiana Jones in this second tale involving the wisecracking and motley crew of the Altered Moon.” – Rod Kroes

“The story is very believable and the conversations seem real. The characters are also believable and likable. The author describes things well and with good detail.” – Deb Scott

Apogee of the Altered Moon:

“SPACE-TACULAR! A great finale to a great trilogy. The story takes the crew of the Altered Moon farther than they’ve gone before.” – Gabriel Strump

“Destiny and timing turn Captain CJ Evermore and the crew of the Altered Moon into heroes for humankind, so…BUCKLE UP!” – Steve Gannon

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