Curse of the Altered Moon

A risky treasure score deep in alien territory takes a deadly turn when Captain CJ Evermore and his excursion team are caught up in a massive planetary bombardment by the Kang Armada.

Pulled from the fangs of the Kang advance by the Mighty 88th Battle Group, Boss Keltzer is forced to leave his Captain and the excursion team behind, including the woman he loves, in order to save the Altered Moon and the rest of the crew from death and destruction.

CJ Evermore and the crew of the Altered Moon are back on the trail of treasure, but destiny has something different in store for them.

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“SPACE-TACULAR! A great finale to a great trilogy. The story takes the crew of the Altered Moon farther than they’ve gone before.” – Gabriel Strump
“The story is very believable and the conversations seem real. The characters are also believable and likable. The author describes things well and with good detail.” – Deb Scott
“The Altered moon and it’s crew are back with a new adventure, with your favorite crew. It begins with a new mystery which leads them on a trail to the ultimate treasure … space battles, epic tech, love & romance, hives of scum and villainy, thrilling well thought out space battles and an ending you will not expect!” – Kyle Secrist

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