Rise of the Altered Moon

Rise of the Altered Moon

Rise of the Altered Moon; Book One of the Altered Moon novels from author final rise cover ebook AZ Kelvin merges science fiction with science fact in a space adventure of intrigue and espionage that takes a small group of privateer relic hunters to the very edge of the galaxy. Set at the time of Humankind’s first interactions with sentient alien beings, the crew of the Altered Moon finds itself caught up in an already-brewing alien war. Mutiny and betrayal leave the ship powerless and drifting toward trouble in forbidden territory. Newly appointed and untested Captain CJ Evermore must figure out how to get his ship and crew back home before the ruthless Kang war machine descends upon an unsuspecting Human race.

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The story is very clever and the pacing is great. I love the plot.” – Nikki Busch

The characters grow on you and I can’t wait to see what new troubles they’ll get into...” – Rod Kroes

Highly recommended from one sci fi nut to another.” – Kyle Secrist


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